Review Committee

Baker Spring

Policy expert specializing in national security, foreign policy, treaty ratification, arms control, non-proliferation policy, missile defense, and defense budget issues. He has extensive experience in working with members of Congress, at the staff level, as a policy analyst on Capitol Hill, and as a Fellow with the U.S. Senate Committee on the Budget.

Kevin McKechnie

Executive Director of the American Banking Association’s HSA Council which is dedicated to advancing policies that preserve and advance banks’ ability to offer Health Savings Accounts. Its members include financial institutions, insurers, and technology partners. Kevin is also the Senior Vice President of ABA’s Office of Insurance Advocacy.

Daniel Perrin

Mr. Perrin is an experienced federal government policy expert, covering a wide array of topics. Early in his career, he was a staff member with the United States Senate. During much of this time he focused his attention on foreign policy and national security affairs with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. After leaving the Senate, he turned his attention to matters of health care and is the founder of the HSA Coalition and a founding member of the HSA Council. Perrin is also the co-author, with the late J. Patrick Rooney of America’s Health Care Crisis Solved, by Wiley and is an expert on Health Savings Accounts, which extends to Americans tax-advantaged means for saving money to pay for health care services. Finally, Mr. Perrin is Executive Director of Our Generation, Inc., which is a non-profit organization, working on financially stabilizing the Social Security Trust Fund.

Jim Claire

Jim Claire is a former Wall Street bond trader and Capital Markets Expert with 30+ years of asset management experience. Jim’s focus has always been on US Treasury bonds and other taxable fixed income products. He was previously a Corporate Expert under Chairman Sheila Bair while working for the FDIC (2009-2011) and a Senior Policy Advisor to the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) in 2011. He maintains C-level client relationships through his independent consultancy on financial matters. Jim is FINRA series 7 & 65 registered. He currently resides in Charlotte NC.

Dean Clancy

Expert on U.S. health care and budget policy. He is a former top budget official for health care, welfare, and entitlement programs in the White House Office of Management and Budget. He is also a former senior domestic policy advisor to the U.S. House Republican Leadership.

Kevin E. Miller

Senior level financial executive with extensive experience in the global debt and equity capital markets. Former FIG banker with a money center bank and the treasurer of the mortgage division of a captive global finance company. Expert on mortgage finance and complex capital markets instruments.